Genuinely HYSON
 was created to help ensure you receive nitrogen gas springs with the design and safety features you have come to expect from the HYSON brand. With the increase of counterfeit springs to the market, we are committed to work together to realize a safer working environment, and fight against the potential of unsafe, imitation springs being placed in your manufacturing facility!
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  • Innovation

    Through our highly engineered, force generating products, Hyson enables companies to form metals efficiently with quality results

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  • Precision Control

    Hyson enables the forming of complex shapes in less die stations

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  • Automotive Solutions

    Hyson enables the manufacturing of safer, lighter weight vehicles

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  • Mill Solutions

    Hyson enables efficient and reliable metal reduction processing


  • Aerospace Solutions

    Hyson enables the formability of advanced materials and complex shapes.

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Highlights and Solutions:

Hyson presented “Next Generation Force Solutions for Forming High Strength Steels” at the 2014 Great Designs in Steel Conference. View Presentation or Contact Us for more information on how Hyson Press Solutions can help your operations.


Hyson is a design and manufacturing company focused on innovation that creates value for our customers.

Through our force generating control products, we enable companies to collaborate and form standard and advanced metals to offer safer, more reliable products to their markets.