We are an engineering company focused on innovation that creates value for the customer through a passionate and empowered team. Throughout the years, the company has remained at the forefront of technical innovation, developing force generating solutions for critical machine, vehicle and precision metal processing applications. Our success lies with our commitment to continually improve ourselves, our processes and our products to ensure we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our AS9100 ISO-9001 and PED certifications attest to our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality.

Highlights & Solutions

Hyson is happy to introduce Nitrogen Die Separation (NDS) Springs with initial forces from 30,000N to 75,000N. NDS-photo-sm
With very slow return speed compared to traditional springs, the NDS product line helps prevent press wear in addition to reduces snap through unnecessary use of tonnage.

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From high-performance self contained gas springs to custom engineered manifolds, Hyson provides state-of-the-art T&D products for critical machine and vehicle processing applications.



With active hydraulic and self contained cushion & knockout systems, Hyson provides a wide range of solutions for new press builds, press upgrades and retrofits.PressSolutionspic


Offering safety-engineered nitrogen and hydraulic solutions, Hyson partners with you to provide the latest in force generating products for your industrial applications.HysonIndustrialpic